Dr. Stein's mission is to provide professional psychotherapy to assist and treat those affected by video game addiction through a harm-reduction and cognitive-behavioural (CBT) approach.

Video games are an intrinsic part of modern entertainment. Families and individuals are left with an understanding of how to navigate gaming and technology in a healthy manner. Dr. Stein is relatable, open-minded, and candid in his approach. 

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Gaming Disorder

Similar to pathological gambling, historically video game addiction was not recognized as an issue. This is likely because in the 1990’s, video games were very simple. Today, video games are part of a billion dollar industry that is built to make you the consumer want to play and always try to find the next best thing (e.g., that special gun or sword), with completion times reaching thousands of hours. Nowadays, you will see video games use tag lines such as “lasting appeal.” Simply stated people today are competing against a multi billion dollar industry that takes advantage of technology and marketing, which leads to addiction. 


Take CNN, a prolific news resource that is increasingly releasing media pertaining to this issue. As of November 28, 2018, CNN released an article how males are more likely to become addicted to video games (see article here). That is because it is becoming enough of an issue.

Look at any major video game industry (e.g., Microsoft, PlayStation, Nintendo, Apple). The amount of video game consoles, games, hours put into games, hardware, graphics, and employees, are on the rise in an exponential fashion. 


With the rise of technology, video game addiction has become an increasingly problematic issue. The same was true for problematic gambling, which was only recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in the 1980’s and it is now worldly recognized. Just like video game addiction, pathological gambling was originally defined as an impulse control disorder. It was only in 1994, was pathological gambling was revised to reflect its similarity to substance dependence (e.g., an addiction). A similar issue is being faced with video game addiction, as experts in the field are trying to determine if this is an impulse control disorder, an addiction, or perhaps a combination of the two.  


It is not the gaming and technology is bad, but rather it is finding a way to manage it.


Dr. Stein caters to individuals and family members who struggle with video game addiction (otherwise known as gaming disorder), utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Gaming disorder is classified as a type of addiction, thus much of the current research has focused on similar treatment interventions. A multimodal approach is most effective, which involves individual and family counseling, finding support within the community and/or psychotropic medications.

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